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Hurricane Irma is Fast Approaching

September 7th, 2017 by

Due to the impending storm, our Pak Mail Beachside store will be closed from Friday, Sept. 8th through Tuesday, Sept. 12th.

For all our friends, family and customers; please be safe and take advantage of the time to prepare. We look forward to helping with all your shipping needs once we are operationally back up and running.

May Irma pass us by!download

Cultural Council Partners!

July 26th, 2017 by

Pak Mail Beachside is proud to be a Cultural Council partner, advertiser and active member. Thanks to this non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the arts there have been many fun events that have made our community more engaging.

Some exciting events to looks forward to include to include:

Come October their annual Cultural Guide will be released with events, exhibits and festivals for all to enjoy. As art shippers, we welcome connecting with artists to get their work to customers throughout the globe and locally with our one man delivery service.

Hope to see you celebrating the arts!

Honor to be Recognized

June 27th, 2017 by

At the recent Annex Brands convention, Pak Mail Beachside of Vero Beach was recognized for the following awards and what a joy it was. It is all made possible because of the great community we live in and the wonderful customers that make our store a success along with our terrific staff that holds it all together. Thank you Vero Beach!

Margaret Holt Community Service Award (this was such an  honor!)

This is obviously a very prestigious award to receive. Margaret was a former VP of Operations for Postal Annex+, Inc. She worked 20 years in the nonprofit health sector and former executive director of the San Diego Epilepsy Foundation. This award is given to presented to the franchisee who has demonstrated outstanding community service. Your team does a great job of that, as is evident in your Facebook posts and local recognition you receive.

Also, we were humble to receive the:

  • Crystal Award
  • Director’s Award
  • Founders’ Club Award
  • Top Producer

Who was Margaret Holt?

May 10th, 2017 by

April 22nd, in Las Vegas, an awards ceremony was held honoring franchises for the work they do.  The Pak Mail of Vero Beach, Pak Mail Beachside, was honored with a prestigious award named after Margaret Holt who was a former VP of Operations for Postal Annex+, Inc. She worked 20 years in the nonprofit health sector and was the former executive director of the San Diego Epilepsy Foundation.

The Margaret Holt Community Service Award is given annually to the franchisee who has demonstrated outstanding community service. By monitoring our Facebook, press releases and other public recognition; corporate chose our Vero Beach store noting what a great job we do for our community including a number of local non-profits, fundraisers and events.

Debbie and Phil DeLange being presented with the Margaret Holt Award

Debbie and Phil DeLange being presented with the Margaret Holt Award

As a top producing store who consistently strives to makes customer’s shipping experiences pleasant and effective, it is an honor to be recognized for the work we love to do. Year round we will continue to take old cell phones to benefit Cell Phones for Soldiers and will be hosting a box for the upcoming White Glove Moving food drive May 30-June 12th; every little bit can make a big difference.





Vero Beach Art Club & Cultural Council Partner!

March 2nd, 2017 by

2017 is off to an amazing start and the partnerships we have are even stronger!

It has been a terrific few months with great events we got to collaborate on with the Vero Beach Art Club such as the 80th Anniversary Bash, Art by the Sea and Art on the Island. Next up, Under the Oaks where we will be providing onsite shipping and delivery services for folks who want that one-of-a-kind piece March 10-12th.  We are even going to be featured in their April newsletter; how exciting!

Additionally, there is a lot going on with our friends at the Cultural Council of Indian River County. Surely you have seen the spectacular 2017 guides this group created an we distributed? If not, save the date for some exciting events:

So come to these and other fun outdoor events, support your local neighbor and enjoy some of the best weather Vero Beach offers up; we will see you there!


What does it cost to ship golf clubs?

January 16th, 2017 by

We all know what it is like to have your favorite set of clubs that bring you good luck out on the course. At Pak Mail Beachside, we hope to make club rental a thing of the past because shipping your favorites just go so easy.

How does it work? Pak Mail can come to your residence, free of charge, and pick them up on your behalf. If bringing them into our store located at 505 Beachland Blvd. Monday through Saturday is better for you; great. Once the clubs are onsite we properly pack them and send them to your destination. If you want them sent round trip we will provide you with an additional label for it’s return home; it’s that easy!

Best part, it averages to be just about $100 almost the price of renting clubs for more than a day.   Clubs going to the West coast of the United States might be just a bit higher in price but east of the Mississippi River $100 is a good number to quote.

So take your favorite golf clubs, shoes and more on your next trip and have the confidence on the coarse you deserve thanks to your friends at Pak Mail Beachside.

photo 4

Back to Regular Hours!

December 19th, 2016 by

2016 was a great year and we hope it was for you too. The entire Pak Mail Beachside would like to thank all our wonderful customers for coming out and supporting our business this holiday season.  When it comes to getting your precious gifts wrapped, packaged and sent; we are thrilled you trust us with this responsibility.

This November we turned 27 and what a wonderful milestone that is knowing we have been an active part of this community for so long. Before we know it 2017 will be here and the line up of outdoor festivals and fun will happily be taking up our weekends.  Of course, Pak Mail Beachside looks forward to seeing you all at these great events offering on-site shipping and delivery services.we-love-our-customers

Until then, enjoy your time with family and friends. Thank you again for your loyalty and trust. May the next 27 years be equally as momentous and great!

Extended Hours for the Holidays!

November 17th, 2016 by

Starting November 28th-Dec. 19th we will be open from

  • 8:30am-6pm Monday through Friday
  • 9-4pm on Saturdays
  • Sundays from 1-4pm; hope to help ship your gifts this holiday!
  • free-cookies

Additionally, we will be offering free cookies and coffee to all who come through the start during that same time period.  So what gifts will you send? Something sentimental with heirloom mystique, something one of kind you found at a local shop or fair, or perhaps a brand new must have gift. How about wine?

This year Pak Mail Beachside is offering wine shipping no matter the size or value; it makes a great gift and we can get it safe and sound to its final destination.

Happy Holidays!

Donate Old Phones to Us!

October 14th, 2016 by

Pak Mail Beachside is proud to be a drop off site for the collection of old cell phones as part of our partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers. This outstanding program helps to convert the precious metals out of old phones into calling cards. From there, those calling cards are inserted into EVERY A.P.O addressed package that leaves from our store at 505 Beachland Blvd in Vero Beach, Florida.

As we go into the holiday season, many folks want to show their appreciation to the brave men and women serving our country abroad by sending gifts and care packages. By shipping those items through Pak Mail Beachside, you can  ensure they are able to call home to speak with loved ones using no extra effort on your part because the calling cards are given regardless of whether or not you donated an old phone.

Insider the Victory Center with our drop box and supporters.

Insider the Victory Center with our drop box and supporters.

Our drop box is located inside our store and is easily accessible Monday through Saturday during business hours. Should you have a lot of phones that you wish to donate, arrangements for pick up can be made. We also house a box at the Veteran’s Council store, The Victory Center, inside the Indian River Mall and many cell phone providers donate including Sprint.

If you wish to participate simply bring your old phone(s), cracked or outdated to one of our boxes and when it comes time to ship a care package to the soldier in your life come visit our store so the calling cards can be inserted and they can call home safely.  We thank you for your support of our troops and of our business. Home of the free because of the brave.

Estate Shipping Solutions

September 16th, 2016 by

We have all dealt with the loss of a loved one. It is a very sensitive time full of emotions and logistics. In today’s world, many families live geographically dispersed throughout the country even the world in some cases. With that being said, it takes time to get everyone in one place and finalize the wishes of the one they lost.  When it comes to estate shipping you want to contact experts for their help.

Pak Mail Beachside, also known as Vero Pak Mail, does  it’s part to make the process a bit easier. How is that? We work with a loved one to coordinate a time for us to arrive at the residence. We help families figure out what stuff they want to keep versus give to a sibling or other relative. From there we pick up those allocated piles and bring them back to our facility to properly package all the items. As a tip, more stuff is often less cost to ship.

Once everything is packaged, we choose a carrier based on the destination address. If it is international, we help with the customs paperwork. The tracking information is provided to the customer and all they have to do is wait for their items to arrive safe and sound. Should a shipment need to be postponed prior to sending, we do offer short term storage so that nothing arrives before you do.


Should lots of bigger pieces need to be moved we can tap into our sister company of White Glove Moving & Storage to assist with local and long distance moving should the overall project exceed the 1,000 lb. general rule of thumb. Regardless of the estate size, we will do whatever it takes to make the process easier and adhere to your requests from assisting with appraisers to offering storage solutions for items you want but don’t have room for as of yet. Being able to understand and patiently work with our customers makes us very different from regular shipping centers.

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