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Handling Shipping During the Grieving Process Just Got Easier

August 27th, 2014 by

The loss of a loved one is never easy.  In fact, it is incredibly difficult and a very sensitive time for all involved from children to spouses, friends, collegues and others.  Pak Mail Beachside has long been in the business of making shipping easy; but with situations of grief it’s even more of a concern for our team of professionals to be a trusted resource during this time.

In a most recent case we had the pleasure of helping a widowed husband disperse his wife’s goods to her adult children, located in various states, from a previous marriage.  Though they understood his slow pace to sort through her items and try to contain them for packaging; they too wanted to grieve and felt having her items to cherish sooner rather than later would help with that process.  Referred to Pak Mail Beachside from his estate attorney, we were able to make the process of figuring out what went to whom as easy as a point of the finger with no real rummaging or hassle to be had on behalf of the gentleman.  In fact, we were able to allocate each child’s wishlist in as little as two hours with his help and then took it all back to our store to ensure the proper packaging and best rates for shipping of these items.  The grief stricken husband was happy to know the children had what they wanted and that his late wife’s memories would live on with them through these goods.

Several weeks later we heard from him again once the house was listed and requested we ship several pieces north for him so he could be closer with his children.  We were happy to oblige and applied a repeat customer discount to help cut costs.  Upon arrival for pick-up of his prized possessions, he told us that our services made this difficult time much easier and that he’d always look back fondly at what we were able to do for him in that particular time of need.

Should you know of someone in a similar situation; dealing with grief and needing to send of heirlooms to family members throughout the globe please think of having them call Pak Mail Beachside at 772-231-0021; the estate shipping experts.

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