No Charge for Pick-Ups!

January 31st, 2018 by

Unlike the big guys who charge for a pick-up of ones packages, Pak Mail Beachside offers this serve for free. We are proud to offer this savings to our customers whether pick-up is slated for their office or home.  Being in business ourselves, we understand waiting in lines and having the hassle of loading up packages can be time not well spent, we figured we’d bring a little relief your way.

tif lamp

The process is easy. Call for a free shipping quote to 772-231-0021. Once your preferred shipping method is chosen, Pak Mail Beachside will arrange to pickup your items and will handle all the packaging and logistics thereafter.  All tracking information and receipts are sent to the shipper and soon afterwards those packages will arrive to their destination.

Don’t need to ship anything but would like help getting items home? If you made your purchase in Indian River County and need it delivered within the same zoning, we are happy to help! For just $50 get one man, for one hour and he will get your new office chair, nightstand or other perfect piece to your destination and place it within the venue. For this service or others, please all 772-231-0021.

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